Belyando Enterprise Network Inc

Who is Belyando Enterprise Network Inc?

In 2013 Belyando Enterprise Network Inc. (BENI) was established in partnership with Rio Tinto Coal Australia's Clermont Community Development Fund and the Sirolli Institute to bring Enterprise Facilitation ® to the Clermont community.

Terry Cook has been employed by BENI as the local Enterprise Facilitator, whose full-time role is to connect isolated entrepreneurs to the people, skills and resources that are most appropriate for the successful establishment and growth, of the proposed business.

What is Enterprise Facilitation®?

Enterprise Facilitation is a model for local economic development based on providing free, confidential and professional management advice to local potential entrepreneurs and existing businesses.

"True economic development walks on two legs. The first leg is concerned with the creation of an infrastructure; the second fosters people’s ability to utilize these infrastructures.

To survive and develop, communities and local enterprises require roads, communication networks, transportation, energy, land, and the other basic elements of a sound infrastructure. However, no matter how sophisticated the local infrastructures may be, they are purposeless unless people use them.

Enterprise Facilitation is key to the second leg of economic and community development. Our method complements the strategic leg by helping communities to optimize all available resources. Enterprise Facilitation is a grass-roots, responsive method that captures the motivation and intelligence of local, passionate individuals who are willing to invest themselves in community and development projects.

If infrastructure development can only be done strategically by observing the community trends and by projecting its future needs, Enterprise Facilitation can only be done responsively by becoming available to self-motivated individuals on an as-needed, just-in-time basis." (Capturing the Passion, 2011, p.4). Click here to read more.

What does the Enterprise Facilitator do?

The role of the Enterprise Facilitator is to:

  • Facilitate the establishment of individual enterprises by becoming a mentor, advocate and “business doctor” to anyone with a business idea.
  • Develop a network of communications at all levels of government and throughout the community.
  • Efficiently manage day-to-day operations of the Enterprise Facilitation project.
  • Conduct business research for clients consistent with the aims and objectives of the project.

Terry Cook is the Clermont Enterprise Facilitator. His contacts details are:

  • Email: terry.cook at (replace at with @ symbol to email Terry)
  • Phone: 0418 517 464

Who can access the Enterprise Facilitator?

Clients are self-motivated individuals who have their own private or social enterprise or who want to start their own private or social enterprise. The services provided by the Enterprise Facilitator are free and confidential.

  Terry & Neville  
    Terry Cook (left) - Clermont Enterprise Facilitator and Neville Foreman (Master Enterprise Facilitator from New Zealand) - for training held in Clermont December 2013  
    TEDx talk by Dr Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!  
    Travis & Ernesto  
    Travis Bates (left) - Rio Tinto Coal Australia Clermont Community Development Fund Executive Officer and Dr Ernesto Sirolli - CEO, Sirolli Institute  
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