Belyando Enterprise Network Inc

Project Management Board

The BENI Project Management Board is the governing body of the Enterprise Facilitation Project. Its roles are:

  • Overall governance of the project and ongoing funding
  • Enterprise Facilitator employment responsibilities.
  • Duty of care
  • Timely and relevant public relations
  • Recruit and oversee the training of the Resource Board
  • Chair monthly meetings of the Resource Board
  • Understand Enterprise Facilitation and traditional approaches

Current members of the Project Management Board are:

Dale Appleton placeholder Barbara Stranks placeholder
Dale Appleton (Chairperson) Jan Burnett (Treasurer) Barbara Stranks (Secretary) John Burnett
Prue Lonergan Travis Bates placeholder
Rob Williams Prue Lonergan Travis Bates  
  Project management board  

The Project Management Board at work during the project's establishment

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